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Thermography Services
Most electrical problems within industrial facilities are manifested or are accompanied by temperature changes as an effect prior to failure.

For this reason, thermography (infrared) testing has become an integral part of most predictive-based maintenance programs.  Infrared cameras can pick-up small changes in temperature not visible to the human eye.  It is a non-contact, non-destructive and fairly simple method of detecting impending electrical problems.
What infrared can do for you:

     1.   Pinpoint hot-spots in electrical systems.

     2.   Reduces equipment downtime, thereby increasing profits.

     3.   Substantially reduces unscheduled outages and losses.

     4.   Reduces electrical energy costs by increasing energy efficiency.

     5.   Predictive approach to maintenance that allows for a planned outage and a greater return on your maintenance dollar.
With a good infrared electrical inspection, you can pinpoint and repair electrical problems before they occur.

Infrared inspections are performed while the electrical system is under normal load.

All problems are recorded in an easy to understand report.  Our technicians are experts in power distribution and will include in the report a description of the probable cause and a recommended course of action to correct the problem.

One loose connection connection identified during an infrared inspection could save thousands of dollars, if repaired before any potential damage occurs.

Examples of savings range from a 20 amp single pole breaker that was repaired before causing problems, to a loose high-voltage bushing connection that we were able to replace at a substantial savings to the customer.
About our Thermographers
Our technicians are factory-trained Level 1 and Level 2 thermographers and they are experts in the field of power distribution.  We use state-of-the-art infrared technology to stay on the cutting edge of the predictive maintenance field.

Our technicians can diagnose electrical problems and recommend a course of action because they work with power distribution equipment on a daily basis.  This will save you time when preparing to make repairs.