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The following is a general explanation of what is performed for reconditioning  low voltage air circuit breakers and may vary due to the make or type of breaker, customer needs, condition of breakers and switchgear and other variables.
Holland Industrial Services, Inc. definitions pertaining to metal clad air circuit breakers, low and medium voltages:

Mechanical recondition

Clean and degrease mechanism parts. Inspect and repack all unsealed bearings with Dow Corning BR2-Plus grease (replace if necessary or requested*). Inspect and lubricate (if possible) all sealed bearings (replace if necessary or requested*). Coat all non-current carrying pins and friction point with a Molybdenum dry film lubricant or Dow Corning BR2-Plus grease.

Optional: small mechanism parts and frame parts may be replated with zinc dichromate*.

Current circuit recondition

Completely disassemble current circuit (everything that can be taken apart without cutting, grinding, or otherwise damaging parts). Apply manufacturers recommended dielectric grease to pivot points and primary disconnects. Dielectric grease will not be applied to main contacts except in rare cases where the manufacturer instructions request it.

Optional: Current-carrying parts may be replated with approximately .002" thick silver plating*.

Complete breaker recondition

Mechanism recondition and current circuit recondition, plus:

Completely disassemble circuit breaker (everything that can be taken apart without cutting, grinding, or otherwise damaging parts).

Bead blast large frame pieces to bare metal and repaint with a two-part acrylic urethane enamel paint (ANSI #61 gray, unless otherwise specified).

Bead blast covers and escutcheons to bare metal and repaint with spray enamel paint (blue-gray or gloss black, unless otherwise specified).

Completely disassemble auxiliary contacts, secondary disconnects and other control devices on electrically operated circuit breakers (everything that can be taken apart without cutting, grinding or otherwise damaging parts). Clean contacts and lubricate where applicable.

Optional: control wiring may be replaced*.

* Optional items such as plating, control wiring, bearings and parts are additional charges. Breakers will be evaluated upon receipt to determine the need for additional parts or labor. The breaker will be tested in accordance with National Electrical Testing Association, Inc. acceptance testing specifications ATS-1999 or maintenance testing specifications.