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The following is a general explanation of what is performed for preventive maintenance on medium voltage air circuit breakers and may vary due to the make or type of breaker, customer needs, condition of breakers and switchgear and other variables.
-  Visually inspect the circuit breaker for physical damage.

-  Note as found, operations counter readings before performing any maintenance.

-  Thoroughly clean the breaker using a brush and vacuum cleaner.  Wipe the surfaces with a clean
    rag moistened with Ecolink Electron solvent.

-  Remove or tilt back and inspect the arc chutes for damage and any signs of buildup.

-  Inspect the contacts for wear, proper adjustment and alignment.

-  Clean the main contact mating surface and primary and secondary disconnect contact surfaces
    with a Scotch-Brite 7447+ abrasive pad.

-  Apply the proper dielectric grease to the disconnect contact surfaces.

-  Apply light oil to bearings and friction points in mechanism.  Removal of front cover may be
    necessary (no disassembly of the mechanism is included).

-  Install the arc chutes.

-  Verify proper operation of the breaker, including all electrical controls and safety interlocks.

-  Visually inspect the breaker to verify proper installation of the arc chutes and barriers and
    anything removed during cleaning.

-  Perform testing in accordance with the National Electrical Testing Association, Inc. acceptance
   testing specifications ATS-1999 or maintenance testing specifications MTS-2001.