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Circuit Breakers and Switchgear      All Manufacturers
480 to 15kV
     Remanufacture (2 yr. limited warranty).
     Solid-state and Vacuum upgrade.
     New replacement and parts.
     On-site testing, calibration and preventive maintenance.
     Used, reconditioned units in stock.

High Voltage Breakers                     All Manufacturers
(15 to 110kV)     (air, oil, vacuum and gas)
    Recondition and repair.
     Contact resistance (100 amp)
     Insulation testing.
     Timing analysis.
     Complete insulation fluid analysis.
     Insulation fluid reclamation.
     On-site testing and preventive maintenance.

Power Transformers                         All Manufacturers
     (to 110kV - non-PCB)
     Recondition and repair.
     New Rad and Top replacement.
     Insulation testing.
     Insulation fluid reclamation.
     Complete insulation fluid analysis.

Protective Relaying
     Testing and calibration.
     Repair and replacement.

Cables                                                         All Devices
     High potential testing.
     Power factor testing.

Infra-red Thermography
     Annual or periodic surveys.
     Troubleshooting all types of equipment.
Low and Medium Voltage Starters    All Manufacturers
     Recondition and repair.
     Vacuum upgrade or retrofit.
     Overload and control troubleshooting and repair.
     On-site testing and preventive maintenance.

Molded Case Breakers                      All Manufacturers
     Recondition and repair.
     Primary current injection.
     Insulation testing.
     Contact resistance.
     New and recondition replacement.
     Trip unit and accessory replacement.

Kilowatt-Hour Meters
     Testing and calibration.
     New meters and installation.

Switchboard and Bus
     Modification and design.
     Silver and tin plating.
     Epoxy encapsulation.

Consulting and Engineering Services
     Maintenance consultation.
     On-site maintenance and testing procedures training.
     Power systems analysis.
     Protective device coordination.
     Fault current analysis.
     Harmonic evaluation and remediation.
     Power factor correction.
     Surge and lightning protection.
     Troubleshooting and analysis factory automation LANS.

Start-Up Services.
     Complete start-up services.
     Testing, calibration and commissioning.
Circuit Breakers
Protective Relays
Infra-Red Thermography